Our service

We offer the following services:

  • "Hello, croaks the frog!” To ensure that resolutions are being implemented, we offer a reminder service. We will contact you, our partner, at pre-agreed regular intervals to remind you of your resolution (for example, taking time to stop and pause) and to monitor your progress.

  • Discussion: “How do I pause?” Based on the frog principle, we help you to find inner peace and calm, and teach you the techniques to identify and grab an opportunity.

  • Discussion: Discovering and exposing your inner resources – we call this “your capital” (human, social, financial – based on Pierre Bourdieu).

  • Working session to set up your personal strategy, including:

      • The frog principle: find the balance between inner peace and outer reality

      • Scenario analysis for private financial planning, particularly for redundancy and termination

      • Scenario analysis for private financial planning, particularly for risk management

      • Private financial planning, particularly for (early) retirement and pension planning

      • Private prevention planning incl. Emergency Folder and Advance Directive

    The "frog principle" (based on the book, "Be a frog, or the art of capturing the right moment in life") is the self-awareness that is needed to consciously, patiently and then actively seize opportunities at the right moment. And these opportunities are to be found at the interface between the real environment and the self, physical and mental.

    We work together to enable:

    • Coping with a crisis
    • Personal growth and well being (integrity, health, contentment and success)

    The professional financial planning (GoF) principles form the basis of our services.
    Working languages are: German, Vietnamese, English.